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Web Portal

we care about caring

Nuagecare's web portal is to the key to driving your policies and procedures through your care. It is intuitive, easy to use with rich functionality.

Ease of use

improved documentation overall, this now provides an accurate oversight of a resident’s day as all staff who have cared for a resident have access to document this. Entries are now made by many staff each shift, improving person centered entries

The web portal is designed to work out of the box but once fully-configured it becomes your management view on care provision within your organisation.

web portal - ease of use

web portal - ease of use

Personal care

Nuagecare allows you to provide your care with precision.  Choose a resident's personal care menu from your default care action list, set the care metrics and you're then able to see your provision from management views.

Having this easy reference web portal has increased the number of full audits completed daily, a full unit audit is completed twice each shift by senior care staff and once each shift randomly by management...

Fully configurable

Nuagecare can be configured to exactly how you want it to work.

  1. User and role management, including family and friends portal and remote working

Roles, permissions and care action menus

Nuagecare comes with four pre-defined roles for carer, care senior, care manager and admin.  You can add and remove roles as you require.  Each role has a set of permissions which can be overridden on a user level and you can change to modify access to every part of the system.

In addition to pre-defined sets of permissions for the web portal Nuagecare also allows you to modify the care action menu which appears on the app by each individual role.

Nuagecare forms

Forms and assessments

Nuagecare comes with a comprehensive set of forms and assessments ready to cover all of the standard needs of any care home.  Add and remove as you need.


Build your organisation by using organisation units for physical locations, care schemes and so on.  Authorise staff members for and add residents to these organisational units.

Care actions

Nuagecare's care action menu includes all the standard care actions your home will need.  You can build your own menu by adding, removing, renaming care actions and associating them with your own forms.

Care action menus can be configured by role and overridden by resident giving you the ability to deliver personalised care.

Users and staff

As you would expect, Nuagecare's user system is fully secure and flexible.  All new users are added to our Staff module and may be authorised to use locations and override role permissions.  Email and phone number confirmation before usage is supported as is individual two-factor authentication to support remote working.


At Nuagecare we take security very, very seriously. We can lock down your devices by IP address and/or geolocation.  You can set you own password complexity rules and all data held on a device is encrypted as is traffic between devices and the Nuagecare API.  We keep an audit of where all of your data is at any time, on which device with which user.  Similarly we keep an audit of each and every call to the system, by device and by user, what they asked for and what they received.  If it's a secure system you're after you've come to the right place!

Nuagecare apps can be locked down by IP addresses.  Capture the external ip of your wifi router and no-one can connect to your systems unless they're on your wifi.  If that's not enough you can lock down using a geolocation and an active radius, once outside of this radius your apps will cease to work.  We know where every device is and who is using it.  We support BYOD (bring your own devices) to save you even more money.  We give you views on what is happening right now in your system with data grids for API audits, device and user activity, care action input and lots, lots more.

If you need more we can offer two-factor authentication, the same as your bank, with codes sent to personal phones or emails or you can even use the authenticator from Google.