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enabling compassion and respect

Evidencing care

It's easy, it's simple, it's intuitive.  It doesn't need training.  It does what you currently do but rather than using a pen you use your fingers and voice.

I was really upset over the weekend after they told me I would be expected to use an app the following Monday. All I want to do is care for people, I love my job and I'm no good with technology. By Monday night I was thanking the heavens for making my job easier. It was just so easy to use, I never thought the app would help. But it did, BIG TIME!!!!

This is a fairly typical reaction to introduction of apps in the care home environment.  In reality the carer signs in, selects the unit s/he has been allocated to and receives a list of residents s/he will work with for the day.  Having selected the resident s/he can review care plans, warnings, what's been done over the past 48 hours and then continue with the job at hand, giving care.  The care menu may be personalised for the resident or it may be standard for the carer's role.

Reduce paperwork

Copying, printing, copying, shredding, changing over at midnight, filing archiving, taking a copy off site.  Paperwork is the bane of any care home but even in 2019 the vast majority of care homes are still dependent upon it.  Nuagecare has a plethora of reports out of the box but if you're not satisfied you can use our Report Designer to produce your own and upload them to your site for your own usage.

As a care senior my job is to supervise what's going on in the Second Floor. GDPR regulations made my job more difficult because all the paperwork had to be kept in residents' rooms and I have twenty rooms to supervise. The process of monitoring involved me going to each room with a clipboard and summarising paperwork entries in each room. It could take me up to two hours if I was called to any other incident by one of my carers. It used to drive me mad. Now it takes me ten minutes with a welcome cup of coffee. Imagine, almost two hours in every eight saved so I can do my job. I'm happy, everyone is happy and I have more time with the people I care about.


The Nuagecare app is intuitive and gives the carer little room for error.  A care action is a simple matter of completing an electronic representation of the same paperwork form which used to hang on the back of the resident's door.  It takes less time.  And when you're done everyone else knows you're done, it's all synchronised.  Training's not difficult, it's more a matter of an arm around the shoulder and saying "you're going to love it" - and carers do!

device control
I couldn't believe how simple it was, I set up a trial system and added minimal details for ten residents in my home and asked two staff members to trial the app the following morning. By lunchtime I was told by the same two guys that there was no going back. I spent the afternoon locking down the system, added the rest of my staff and residents, reviewed care plans and set up personal care parameters for each of my residents.
Within a week I was emailing inter-disciplinary reports to district nurses, GP's and my local authority representatives. I had ditched my old care plans in Word and now keep clean copies of paperwork for the event that the system goes down. It never has, not once, not a glitch.
For the first time in running my care homes, and I've been doing this for fourteen years, I can sign in from my office and see exactly what's going on, at a glance. All linked, all secured! Joined up management and finally I get to see my policies and procedures being implemented in real-time.
Incredible, and all for £75 a month. Everyone told me it was going to cost thousands! Thanks, Nuagecare, whoever you are. I never did get to talk to you, sorry but it just wasn't necessary.

Eddie runs five small care homes in Whitby, North Yorkshire.  We contacted him after we received this email.  He told us he's looking forward to the next CQC inspection and that his golf handicap has shown significant improvement since Nuagecare was implemented.


At Nuagecare we take security very, very seriously. We can lock down your devices by IP address and/or geolocation.  You can set you own password complexity rules and all data held on a device is encrypted as is traffic between devices and the Nuagecare API.  We keep an audit of where all of your data is at any time, on which device with which user.  Similarly we keep an audit of each and every call to the system, by device and by user, what they asked for and what they received.  If it's a secure system you're after you've come to the right place!

Nuagecare apps can be locked down by IP addresses.  Capture the external ip of your wifi router and no-one can connect to your systems unless they're on your wifi.  If that's not enough you can lock down using a geolocation and an active radius, once outside of this radius your apps will cease to work.  We know where every device is and who is using it.  We support BYOD (bring your own devices) to save you even more money.  We give you views on what is happening right now in your system with data grids for API audits, device and user activity, care action input and lots, lots more.

If you need more we can offer two-factor authentication, the same as your bank, with codes sent to personal phones or emails or you can even use the authenticator from Google.

Feature rich

Imagine a world where every aspect of care in your home is transparent.  Where your staff have been freed from the drudgery of paperwork and hand written reports.  This is the Nuagecare world.  We can guarantee that your evidenced care will improve beyond anything you can presently imagine.  In each implementation of Nuagecare the number of recorded care actions has increased by a factor of at least seven, sometimes up to more than 10 times the number of care actions are being recorded.  It's not just the quantity but the quality.  Nuagecare can be implemented under your current policies and procedures, it will simply result in better outcomes and simplified processes.

When I started the goal was to enter a care note for each resident into the computer each morning, and each evening, you know; "settled night", "calm all day, no concerns" - that sort of thing. Of course, in addition we would have written paperwork for repositioning, skin observation,and a food and fluid chart but that would have taken an age to input so we copied, filed, shredded and changed over at night. Thinking about it now it was all a bit slapdash, I don't know how we managed. To review a care plan I would have to refer to a whole portfolio of reports, often illegible and very rarely giving me insight. Really, at the end of the day there was very little to go on and most of the time we would simply enter a "reviewed by" at the end of a Word document. But then, before Nuagecare, there was less time as well as less information.
As the Registered Manager it's my job to keep an eye on what's happening in the home. Nowadays I actually sign in from home before I drive to work to have a quick look to see what's going on. If there's an incident I tend to set off a little bit earlier knowing that the old days of the accident ledger and typing illegible hand written reports are a thing of the past.
Poor Joan. I told her I was going to record what she was saying but she said she didn't care, I added the audio to my report with a photo of the broken chair.
It's so sad to see someone so frightened and confused but it was her first night here. She's a lovely woman, Joan, she apologised the next day. We calmed her down by reassuring her and giving her a hot chocolate which she likes. After that we checked on her every half hour and she was calm and relaxed.
Shelagh, the Dementia Manager, made a note on her record and now everyone can see hot chocolate and kind words do the trick!

With Nuagecare you're not stuck with illegible hand written reports, everything is recorded in a timely and legible fashion.  And it's all available at a glance!