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Improved care

focused on doing what is best for residents

more time with residents

We leave it to our customers to do the talking.

Using the Nuage app has enabled staff to spend more time with residents and their allocated keyworkers, this is due to time saved by;
Not having to locate paperwork,
Not having to change this over at midnight,
No longer filing, scanning and shredding as much data,
Information being accessible, up to date and reliable, saving staff having to seek support from others,
and some forms having pre-populated answers to ensure entries are appropriately detailed. (e.g. daily care charts have drop down menus with preset answers of; assisted, prompted, declined and unknown).
With the time now saved care staff and senior care staff are able to spend more one to one time with residents, complete keyworker tasks and join in with group activities.
Nuagecare app

Nuagecare app

Information is readily accessible, up to date and reliable saving staff having to seek support from others.
quick and easy access for all authorised staff to vital information, which will always be accurate, up to date and complete
behaviour chart for dementia management

behaviour chart for dementia management

...made vast improvements to the welfare of our residents.
helicopter view of care plans for review

helicopter view of care plans for review

As all information/documentation is now electronic this helps promote legible, accurate and complete documentation. This documentation automatically saves onto the Nuage web portal. This ensures all information is saved and backed up to prevent loss. This can then be reviewed at any time. Filing, scanning and then shredding of hard copy documentation has been significantly reduced and saved both admin and night staff time, this time is now better spent with residents.
A paperless system to prevent information loss and time wastage

better oversight

Again, who better to tell you about better oversight than our customers?

who's doing what since midnight

who's doing what since midnight

Managers within the home also have access to audit staff usage; this has been a great support tool to identify staff who need further training and support. The staff audit provides a bar chart of usage/entries made, when a staff member is highlighted as writing much less then managers can offer additional support and supervisions dependent on findings.
Auditing in this way has saved a significant amount of time and is more effective due to an up to date oversight of the unit being audited
Having Nuagecare to input data has improved documentation overall; this now provides an accurate oversight of a resident’s day as all staff who have cared for a resident have access to document this. Entries are now made by many staff each shift, improving person centered entries.
Having this easy reference web portal has increased the number of full audits completed daily, a full unit audit is completed twice each shift by senior care staff and once each shift randomly by management; the frequency can be increased if concerns arise. The audit completed by both, reviews and spot checks the documentation charts of all residents. Checks for behaviour entries, repositioning, fluid, food and care actions can be done so easily as pictured above, this gives a detailed reference from 00:00 – present time. Other areas such as daily notes and elimination needs are then spot-checked. It gives us great insight into how our staff are doing and identifying support and training needs.