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CQC in mind

The five key questions asked

The CQC will rate you on five questions they ask.  Nuagecare will help you with each one.

Are they safe?

It's difficult not to feel safe when your carers know your needs and can see what needs to be done, at a glance.

Nothing makes your residents feel safer than knowing you have all the relevant information at your fingertips.

We have the very latest information for all the people under our care, we can see with a couple of clicks exactly what needs to be done. Our residents feel safer knowing we have this control and knowledge.

Nuagecare uses widgets, charts and infographics galore to display care information which is understood at a glance.

Are they effective?

Effectiveness comes from efficiency.  Nuagecare makes it easy to ensure successful outcomes by ensuring the right care is given at the right time.

the resident grid on a typical small desktop screen

the resident grid on a typical small desktop screen

I love the infographics! I can set up personal care for each of my residents and see, at a glance, where attention is needed.

The resident grid forms the backbone to the Nuagecare supervision system.  We have columns for behaviour, repositioning, fluid, food, warnings, care actions for a defined period of time, care plan reviews, warnings, care notes summary.  The grid can be sorted, grouped, filtered, resized and everything else you would want to do with your key care information.  Each user can build their own layout and save it, the system will remember it next time they visit.  It's difficult not to be effective with Nuagecare.

Are they caring?

Compassion, kindness, dignity and respect are only possible if your carers have the time to give it.

after a spell of anxiety this morning a resident has since been monitored as calm and relaxed

after a spell of anxiety this morning a resident has since been monitored as calm and relaxed

It's important to know when that little bit of extra attention is needed.  When residents are anxious, confused, lonely...

With Nuagecare's infographics carers can see exactly where attention is needed.

These reports are great, it's easy to produce what the district nurse, GP, dietician or any other inter-disciplinary team member needs. It's a great time-saver.

Nuagecare is designed from the bottom up to replace paperwork.  Most standard reports are supported, right out of the box.

Are they responsive to people's needs?

Personal care for each and every resident means you can respond to changing needs.

Once we establish the resident's personal care needs we have detailed metrics through infographics which allow us to see how we're doing against our set targets. It means we can measure our performance against our promises.

Nuagecare allows authorised staff to to change personal care metrics as a resident's needs change with the option to feed essential information back to the care plan.  These metrics are used throughout the system in beautifully designed and intuitive infographics.  Never has giving care been so easy!

Are they well-led?

With a rich set of permissions and menu builders Nuagecare allows you to personalise access for users and residents alike.

As staff progress through our training program we add permissions to reflect their core competencies. That way, the more they train the more they can do. Nuagecare can reflect our training matrix, I was very surprised, and pleasantly so, by this. I never expected this depth of functionality.

Nuagecare works with permissions for everything.  Of course it's role-based so you have a start point but role permissions can be overridden at a user level.  Users see what they need to see, everyone has their own menu, including a personal care menu for each of your residents!